High School Student Pepper-Sprayed By The Police In His Own Home After Being Mistaken For Burglar! [Video]

High School Student Pepper-Sprayed By The Police In His Own Home After Being Mistaken For Burglar! [Video] High School Student Pepper-Sprayed By The Police In His Own Home After Being Mistaken For Burglar! [Video]

Pastor Juan McFarland Confesses To Adultery, Having AIDS And Illegal Drug Use Before His Congregants [Details]

Pastor Juan McFarland Confesses To Adultery, Having AIDS And Illegal Drug Use Before His Congregants [Details] Pastor Juan McFarland Confesses To Adultery, Having AIDS And Illegal Drug Use Before His Congregants [Details]


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High School Student Pepper-Sprayed By The Police In His Own Home After Being Mistaken For Burglar! [Video]
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1x1.trans Delta Pilot Retires After 45 Years Of Flying With Never Missing A Day Of Work! [Video]

BreakingBlackNews.com is honored to report that Captain Calvin “Cal” Flanigan retired after 45 years of service with Delta Airlines on Friday, March 8th, 2013.

And get this, during his 45 years of flying, Captain Flanigan never missed a day of work.

MyFoxAtlanta.com reports:

Flanigan began as a mechanic back in 1968, but eventually realized his childhood dream of becoming a pilot.

“Even as a little kid watching airplanes take off when I was 9 or 10 years old, I knew I wanted to fly,” said Flanigan.

In 37 years, Flanigan flew more than 12.5 million miles to more than 95 different cities, amassing some 27,000 hours of flight time as he became the most senior pilot in the entire airline.

Delta rules state that pilots must retire when they reach 65; Flanigan’s 65th birthday is Saturday.

Watch the video below to learn more about this inspiring story.

Photo/Video Credit: MyFoxAtlanta.com

Congratulations to Captain Flanigan and his wife.

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