California Mortuary Buries Grieving Man’s Wife In The Wrong Grave! [Video]

1x1.trans California Mortuary Buries Grieving Mans Wife In The Wrong Grave! [Video] has learned that a California mortuary has acknowledged to burying the wrong woman at a local grave site.

In this mortuary mix-up, grieving husband, Evan Davidson, 73, knew something wasn’t right when he saw his wife’s body at the mortuary.

ABC 7 reports:

“I looked at her and said, ‘Well this don’t look like my wife at all,’” said Davidson. “They kept telling me it was, but it’s just because she had been embalmed and she was sick.”

Darlene Davidson, his wife of 51 years, died of heart failure. And on March 1, they thought she was buried.

“We had lots of people there, my friends and her friends,” Davidson said.

But three days after the funeral, he got a call from an employee at Simpson Family Mortuary asking him to come and identify another body.

Watch the video below to get more details on this story.

Davidson and his family will be holding another funeral for his wife on Wednesday. Davidson said losing his wife has been very difficult, but the mortuary mix-up has made it even harder to deal with.

Photo/Video Credit: ABC 7

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