Pastor Juan McFarland Confesses To Adultery, Having AIDS And Illegal Drug Use Before His Congregants [Details]

Pastor Juan McFarland Confesses To Adultery, Having AIDS And Illegal Drug Use Before His Congregants [Details] Pastor Juan McFarland Confesses To Adultery, Having AIDS And Illegal Drug Use Before His Congregants [Details]

1x1.trans Alabama Church Puts Up Strip For Me Billboard Sign Right Next To Strip Club! [Video] has learned that an Alabama church Pastor named Mike McClure Jr., 29, strategically placed a “strip for me” billboard sign right next to a local strip club to target African-American males.

The ROCK Church of Birmingham bought billboard space in 10 locations throughout the city in hopes of sparking people’s interest in the Bible and, ultimately, affecting change in the community.

The billboard towering over a gentlemen’s club in Birmingham, Ala., reads “Strip for Me.” The quote’s attribution? Jesus.

The location that’s getting the most notice is directly over the Palace Gentleman’s Club, where the verse from Hebrews 12:1 certainly commands attention.

“With ‘Strip for Me,’ really we’re talking about Jesus,” church Pastor Mike McClure Jr., 29, told, referencing the New Living Translation version of the Bible. “Strip off every weight of sin that slows you down. How many times have we said, ‘My life is moving so slow?’ Maybe there are some things that you need to strip off.”

Watch the video below for more details on this story.

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