High School Student Pepper-Sprayed By The Police In His Own Home After Being Mistaken For Burglar! [Video]

High School Student Pepper-Sprayed By The Police In His Own Home After Being Mistaken For Burglar! [Video] High School Student Pepper-Sprayed By The Police In His Own Home After Being Mistaken For Burglar! [Video]

Pastor Juan McFarland Confesses To Adultery, Having AIDS And Illegal Drug Use Before His Congregants [Details]

Pastor Juan McFarland Confesses To Adultery, Having AIDS And Illegal Drug Use Before His Congregants [Details] Pastor Juan McFarland Confesses To Adultery, Having AIDS And Illegal Drug Use Before His Congregants [Details]


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High School Student Pepper-Sprayed By The Police In His Own Home After Being Mistaken For Burglar! [Video]
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1x1.trans 8 Year Old Girl Handcuffed And Jailed For 2 Hours After Throwing Tantrum At School! [Video]

BreakingBlackNews.com just learned about a very disturbing story of an 8-year-old girl named, Jmyha Rickman, who was handcuffed and jailed for two hours after she allegedly threw a uncontrollable tantrum at her elementary school earlier this week.

KMOV-TV reports:

“Alton school officials and Alton Police stand by the decision to place an 8-year-old girl in handcuffs after allegedly throwing a tantrum Tuesday. Lovejoy Elementary School said as a last resort they sometimes have to involve law enforcement. However, the school said it is rare for them to involve police in these types of situations.

Rickman, who reportedly has a history of throwing tantrums at the school, was apparently out of control and had torn up two classrooms.

Neheniah Keeton, Rickman’s guardian, says the cops manhandled her and feels the officer’s actions were excessive.

Watch the video below for details about this story.

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